Leading Situations of Rapid Change

At Leverage Experts, we deal with the most complex and critical situations of the firm and create actionable solutions. We offer a wide range of services to help you to grow and transform your business.


We help, to shape your future for success. We address urgent challenges and leverage on change and transformation.

We come on board, when it really matters and help to reach the safe harbor.

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Satisfied Clients

« We value the LE team as a discrete and reliable partner for solving special situations in companies. »
Dr. Paul Lukas Good Managing Partner Good Partners
Dr. jur. (HSG) Paul Lukas Good
Managing Partner Good Partners

« To me, Leverage Experts is a committed partner in situations of critical change. »

Phillip Rotermund CEO Video-Solutions AG
Philipp Rotermund
CEO, Video-Solutions AG
« The combination of bite and passion with impeccable professional competence impressed me and enabled outstanding results. There is a great demand for high quality advisory in the industry and I have never hesitated to recommend Leverage Experts »
Thomas Gabathuler Investor and Serial Entrepreneur
Thomas Gabathuler
Investor & Serial Entrepreneur
« As traditional family office, we are invested in a number of companies covering various sectors in European markets. We trust Leverage Experts as a discrete and professional partner, to address special investment situation in our asset portfolio. »
CEO, DACH Family Office
« Leverage Experts were recommended to us at a time of external challenges and internal uncertainty. As I did not realize the full potential for optimization, I started without expectations. The team did not back down from a demanding environment with many regulations, instead it supported us with strategic expertise and long-term growth plans. Moreover, I implemented new methods, improved structures and adjusted my mindset. I am deeply grateful for the impulses Leverage Experts provided and appreciate not only their ideas, but also the business skills I acquired and still profit from every day. »
Ana Kordis Agencija Potis
Ana Kordis
CEO, Agencija POTI
« Due to an external market shock, the company suffered through a long period of decline. Eventually the firm was in danger to default on its liabilities. LE provided advise on short notice. The team helped, to renegotiate debt commitments, secure short term liquidity, restructure the firms financing and prepare a plan for going concern. »
President of the Board Privately Owned Company