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Zurich, Switzerland

Europe & Middle East

growth, turnaround, transformation

Strategy, Corporate Finance, Transformation, Innovation & Technology

Founded: 2012

Located: Zurich, Switzerland

Area of operation: Europe & Middle East

Focus of service: growth, turnaround, transformation

Areas of service: Strategy, Corporate Finance, Transformation, Innovation & Technology

Vision & mission statement

Leverage Experts AG (LE) was founded in 2012 in Zurich as an independent group of interdisciplinary experts. The experienced team supports companies throughout complex and critical challenges with a strategic mindset and a passion for implementation.

LE focuses on Situations of Rapid Change (SRC), transformation, restructuring, and turnaround management. LE implements corporate and growth strategies, accompanies entrepreneurs through crisis situations, is leads (digital) transformation and restructuring processes and is a trusted partner for M&A and corporate finance goals.

The team of LE enhances an active and effective shaping of the future – At short notice, with high impact.

We partner on eyelevel and preserve jobs and shareholder equity, cut losses and recover investments. With high proficiency in corporate finance, strategy and management, we help you to resolve urgent challenges, deal with debt and special situations and build a resilient organization for the future. We are result driven and passionate to transform, grow, and vitalize businesses.


Kolja A. Rafferty

practice lead strategy

A seasoned CEO, certified Non-Executive-Director and Certified Turnaround Practitioner (CTP), with proven success in Situations of Rapid Change (SRC), delivering attractive multiples and successful exits. Strongly focused on success factors and measurable results, driven by pace, flexibility and aspiration for performance.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy and Corporate Development
  • Turnaround and distress management in Situations of Rapid Change (SRC)
  • Transformation and Restructuring

Management Education
INSEAD, IE University (et al)

Areas of Expertise

  • Transformation and Change
  • Digitalization and Business Development
  • Human Resource planning and staffing
  • Alignment of strategy and MBO

Management Education

Executive MBA Rochester-Bern

Heinz Brägger

change & transformation expert

A seasoned change and transformation expert. Successfully integrated M&A transactions, reorganized entities in digital business transformation and formed winning teams. Evaluated, hired, outsourced and outplaced employees internally and externally. Supporting Top Management and HR departments in Situations of Rapid Change (SRC), as well as in strategic personal resource planning.

Peter Yves Ruland

IT & Innovation

An experienced CTO with extensive competencies to direct and lead high profile & complex IT projects. Focusing on the digitization with 20+ years of experience in B2C and B2B2C including substantial experience with CSPs, MNOs, MVPDs and partners.Comprehensive corporate experience including start-up‘s and turnaround projects. Recognized achievements in development and implementation of platform business models.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic R&D
  • Program Management
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Agile / Scrum Methodology
  • Cloud Computing

Management Education

Areas of Expertise

  • Investor Relations
  • Fundraising
  • Business Development


Kaan Atila

Expert Fundraiser

Experienced fundraiser and sales manager with 23 years of experience in Medical Products, Healthcare, Digital Consumer Platforms et al.


Operative Team

Hanna Lang

Executive Assistant

Through dedicated project management, Hanna ensures that even strict timelines are met. Various years in leading positions in HR and market research make her an experienced partner for process optimization and customer communication.

Alejandra Tello

Digital Marketing

With around 10 years of experience in mass communications and online marketing, Alejandra helps businesses to elevate in the digital world. She believes in the power of interconnection and innovation, always keeping businesses up to date in this rapidly changing world. Alejandra has specialized in omnichannel digital marketing keeping the focus on the user experience to convert prospects into life-time clients.

Vera Gretzke

Press & Media

Vera is an expert in strategic corporate communications and PR. She supports companies in building relevant reach and increasing awareness. Her focus is on sustainable growth of reputation and customer trust. Vera represents the company’s interests and combines the editorial demands of the media with a convincing approach to the target group.


Thorsten Stutzmann

Research Associate

Since 2015, the Marktforscher (formerly die Marktpartner) has been offering customized, cost-efficient and fast data collection. The independent researchers provide marketing insights at home and abroad. In addition, market entry strategies are simulated in advance and therefore offer security for investments.