Business in Dubai, invest in the uae

Business in Dubai: The gateway between Europe and the Middle East 

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We’ve recently opened a new office in Dubai. We believe that our new position gives us and our clients access to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. In addition to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), other countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are currently skyrocketing.   Neighbouring countries, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are […]

Meet our Expert: Nancy Muya

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We recently sat down with a very special team member, Nancy Muya.   Nancy is a senior researcher and data analyst at Leverage Experts (LE). She heads the research and analysis team whose focus lies on the relationship between disruptive technologies and the transformation of business models in various industries. This includes the digitisation of the […]
„Für #Werte haben wir jetzt wirklich keine Zeit….“ by Sandra Happel

“We really don’t have time for values now….”

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Transformation within companies is actually the permanent state nowadays. Digital transformation, cultural transformation, leadership transformation, organisational transformation and so on. Sometimes you get the impression that organisations, management boards and employees are tired of transformation, and have even become a little resistant to it. In the “normal” business and market environment, most companies still achieve […]
Swiss Business pulse June 2021

The Swiss economy June 2021

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Swiss Business Pulse Q2 2021 With the 4th Swiss Business Pulse survey, we conclude the first year of our Swiss business research. We wouldlike to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone for contributing by filling out the questionnaire andproviding specific and qualitative comments! Now that vaccinations are noticeably gaining momentum and sustainable easing has […]
The good coach - Image found on

The Good Coach Wins The Game – The Chairman And Their Team

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In professional sports, mental readiness is key for champions. This is highlighting the importance of being mentally balanced also for senior executives. The Non-Executive Board must observe and nurture the mental health of the firm’s top executives in addition to overseeing the firm and acting as the interface between shareholders and executive management, to create resilient and sustainable organizations. Executives are skilled, able, and well-meaning! Yet, in situations of rapid change, […]
Airplane leaving smoke behind - Fliying on sight leadership under cash constraints

Flying On Sight – leadership under heavy cash constraints

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Cash constraints and scarce liquidity are notorious in Distress and Turnaround situations and often characterize situations of rapid change for many companies. Maneuvering under these conditions is often a question of discipline and applying the right tools in a timely manner. Challenges are faced on many levels of the organization, but ultimately it comes down […]
fence separating two territories - post covid workplace scenario

A post-COVID19 workplace scenario – Geographic borders will be removed from talent acquisition and put us all in global competition

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COVID-19 has catapulted us to collaboration 2.0. The black swan event of a global pandemic has disrupted the work-environment. The urge to adapt is inevitably forced from the outside on companies, creating a situation of rapid change, where the dynamic of the transformation keeps accelerating. Companies are struggling to retain their operational integrity shaping the […]