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Hiring and Recruiting Gen Z: How to Attract Generation Z to Your Company 

hiring and recruiting Gen z

As time moves forward, a new wave of professionals enters the workforce. This is nothing new in the history of the world. However, companies don’t simply get to choose from the talent pool this time. They must find new ways to attract top talent or risk losing potential candidates to competitors.  

Welcome, Gen Z. 

Individuals born between 1997 and 2012 are expected to make up 30% of the global workforce by 2030. The future is in their hands as they play a crucial role in shaping the workplace for years to come.  

This cohort, born in the digital age, is more career-driven than any other. They are highly adaptable, creative, value-driven and intentional in their work. Generation Z knows what they want and don’t want when looking at potential employers.  

In this article, we’ll examine what Gen Zers consider when faced with career opportunities plus what companies can do to attract the newest top talent from around the globe.  

Don’t chase new hires, attract them 

As seen in my previous two-part series on corporate culture, it’s crucial to provide your employees with the best working environment possible to boost productivity and innovation. Having the right company culture isn’t important just for your current employees, but also for your potential new hires.  

In today’s digital age, the reputation of your company is a simple click away. Gen Zers know this and perform thorough research through LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. before approaching your company. Therefore, creating a solid corporate identity with modern values and policies is the first step to attracting Generation Z.  

The essential components Gen Zers look for in companies 

1. Clarify your job listings 

It’s seen all too often that companies advertise entry-level positions requiring 5+ years of experience. That is a huge, unattainable hurdle for recent graduates who are looking to enter the workforce.  

Such a requirement can significantly shrink the talent pool for companies. Instead, an entry-level job should cater to the new generation who arrive with energy and motivation to spare.  

Moreover, don’t be vague with the job description. This leaves plenty of room for miscommunication.  

How to fix it: Separate your entry-level jobs from intermediate-level jobs. Entry-level positions shouldn’t require more than 2+ years maximum. Further, write clear and concise expectations for job listings. 

2. Offer flexible working hours and hybrid work 

Flexible work is no longer a dream, but an expectation. In a survey done by LinkedIn at the start of 2022, 72% of Generation Z professionals would consider leaving their company if they didn’t offer reasonable flexible working policies.  

That being said, a healthy company culture requires interaction unrelated to work. Promoting a social aspect to the work environment is crucial.  

How to fix it: Encourage a culture of flexibility whereby workers actively participate in setting their own in- and out-of-office schedules. This makes employees feel that you value their time and input – a huge emotional investment that will pay dividends.  

3. Walk your talk 

Most important of all: live by your values.  

The key to solid company culture and identity starts with values. Generation Z is acutely aware of this fact and that’s why 80% of Gen Zers identify companies’ values that align with theirs as the most important factor when considering a position.  

Generation Z is all about authenticity So, when you say that you have certain values of inclusivity and diversity, you should be able to give real-life examples of how you employ those. 

How to fix it: Create a corporate mission statement and use it as a guiding principle. Be open and upfront with your employees about how you’re investing in your corporate values.  

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