Leading in Situations of Change, Transformation, Growth & Turnaround

Creating options in complex economic challenges.

We come on board, when it really matters

Economic crisis, disruptive competition, diminishing customer demand, changes in the political and economic environment, accumulating financial losses and other factors can cause a severe crisis to the firm. Small challenges may suddenly grow into a severe distress situation and shipwreck the best of all firms.“Situations of Rapid Change” (SRC), where change and transformation are inevitably forced on the company from the outside.It is our mission to manoeuvre through the storm. When time is of the essence and room for error is eliminated, continuing as before is not an option – change and transformation becomes paramount.

Self-Assessment - Managing Critical and Complex Transformation

In “Situations of Rapid Change”, the demands on Executives and Non-Executive Directors change dramatically. It is often decided whether the firm can use Change as Chance or has to face long-term consequences. Leverage Experts offers diagnostic methods to analyse the resilience of crisis management. The assessment enables managers to examine crisis management across all levels of the company, and to identify potential for improvement, areas of action, and effective solutions. The assessment takes about 5 minutes and is carried out completely anonymously.