DiG-Lernerfahrung in der Schweiz und in Deutschland. Innovation und Lernen für Führungskräfte
DiG-Lernerfahrung in der Schweiz und in Deutschland. Innovation und Lernen für Führungskräfte

DiG Business Learning is a specialised business simulation for non-executive directors and executives. The simulation has been developed at INSEAD by Professor Jean-Claude LarréchéAlfred H.Heineken, Professor of Marketing .

«If you help leaders learn from their mistakes, they are far less likely to make a mistake when the costs are real». The DiG simulation has benefited from the research and business applications associated with Professor J.C. Larreche’s book “The Momentum Effect” Customer centricity, consumer insights, innovation, sustained growth, and team performance have been identified as foundational strategic priorities for organizational growth and resilience. The DiG (Discovery Innovation and Growth) Learning Experience has been developed to address these priorities, in a fun and risk-free environment. This fosters the comprehensive skills required for quality growth.

The DiG Learning Experience can be scheduled for one half to 3 half-days. It includes:

  • an introduction on “Powering Sustained Quality Growth”
  • team participation in the competitive DiG simulation
  • a debrief on the teams’ results and their experiential lessons
  • a discussion of the real-life applications of the learning experience

The DiG Learning Experience is a fun, fast-paced, hands-on, and exhilarating experience, perfectly suited for long-term retention of key learning objectives. Many past participants have demonstrated an eagerness to utilise the skills learned on the job.

The DiG Learning Experience harnesses leadership, team performance and comprehensive skills, and explores balance in the following areas:

  • Execution vs. Discovery
  • Downstream vs. Upstream
  • Value Capture vs. Value
  • Creation Rigor vs. Creativity
  • IQ vs. EQ
  • Convergence vs. Divergence
  • Focus vs. Exploration

The DiG simulation reflects the overall impact that each decision can have on levels of customer awareness and engagement, as well as overall firm earnings, margins, and shareholder value.