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Meet our Expert: Ivan C. Lima

Ivan C. Lima Principal Corporate Strategy

We welcomed a new member to our team: Ivan C. Lima joined Leverage Experts as our Principal Corporate Strategy (CH) where he is responsible for guiding clients through Situations of Rapid Change and transformation.  

We are thrilled to have Ivan on board. He brings with him more than 20 years of experience in controlling and finance at major, international firms. His areas of expertise include business expansion and globalisation, crisis management, and turnaround restructuring. 

Ivan is dedicated to providing our clients with results that have a real impact and not just theoretical concepts. This makes him an invaluable part of the team.  

We recently sat down with our newest team member to see the world through the eyes of Ivan Lima. 


LE: How is a day in the life of Ivan C. Lima?  

Ivan: I am currently very busy with a turnaround mandate. My main activity there is the reorganisation of the finance department and securing sufficient liquidity to finance the growth. The inflation in the Euro area and the weakening investment climate make this turnaround very challenging and days long. In the evenings, I recover by going for a jog to be able to perform the next day. 

LE: What are the things that make you passionate about your job? 

Ivan: I love two things in particular about my job. Firstly, it motivates me when solutions have to be found to urgent problems within a very short time. I draw energy from not knowing in the morning what challenges the day will bring. Secondly, I love project work. Analysing a corporate strategy, carrying out due diligence or reorganising entire departments are activities that give me immense pleasure.  

LE: How your LE practice and job make a difference to your clients? 

Ivan: I learned my trade from scratch, lived on several continents and worked in companies of different sizes and in several industries. I am very familiar with the problems of an SME as well as the challenges of a large corporation. I make this knowledge available to my clients. So that at the end of the project they have applicable solutions instead of just theoretical concepts. 

LE: What is Ivan like out of the office? 

Ivan: I jog regularly, at least three times a week, at least 10km each time. I do this so that I am fit to climb mountains. I am a passionate mountaineer. Besides that, one evening a week is reserved for my daughter. We, just she and I, then go out for dinner. I enjoy these evenings very much. 

LE: What is the career achievement that has made you most proud?  

Ivan: Pride is not what I feel. Because I’ve been very lucky in my career so far. I’m aware that a career like mine always needs luck, too. The luck that no more suitable candidate applies for the same position. And the luck of having superiors who have sponsored me. Without the necessary luck, I would not be where I am today. But of course, in addition to luck, you also need a good education and consistently excellent performance on the job. My challenge was that I was always the youngest in the team. My employees and my colleagues at the same level were usually the same age as my father. Nevertheless, I earned everyone’s respect. And so, by the time I was in my early 30s, I was already a member of the extended Executive Board of a group with sales of over a billion as the person responsible for finance and compliance. This company went public in China, which was new territory for all of us. To have been an important member of this project and to have successfully led my department fills me with deep satisfaction. 

LE: What makes you excited about becoming a member of Leverage Expert? 

Ivan: I have been working as an independent management consultant for several years. I have known Leverage Experts for a long time. Their market presence and feedback from the market have always impressed me. I strongly believe that a company needs three pillars to be sustainably successful: scalable processes, capable people in the right place and good marketing. The combination of Leverage Experts and myself is a perfect fit to offer comprehensive consulting services to clients. 


In addition to his pragmatic mindset, Ivan has the skills and attributes to excel as our Principal Corporate Strategy. We are excited to see what his future holds for him and for us as a team at Leverage Experts.  

If you would like to find out more about Ivan or get in touch with him, connect with him on LinkedIn.  

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