ENISA Leading the Way in Healthcare Cybersecurity.

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) has developed several standards for critical information infrastructure security and services within the health sector.

These standards are crafted to assist healthcare organizations in enhancing their cybersecurity posture and safeguarding critical assets, including patient data and medical devices.

Recently, they released a tool designed to help Health Sector players map out their critical infrastructure regarding cybersecurity and the outlined standards. You can access this tool here.

These represent only a subset of the ENISA standards available to aid healthcare organizations in bolstering their cybersecurity defences.

By adhering to these standards, healthcare organizations can significantly reduce their risk of cyberattacks and protect their critical assets.

In addition to the mentioned standards above, ENISA also offers several other resources to assist healthcare organizations with cybersecurity, including:

  1. The ENISA Healthcare Cybersecurity Portal: This portal provides a wealth of information related to cybersecurity in the health sector, such as:
    • News and events
    • Guidelines and best practices
    • Tools and resources
  2. The ENISA Healthcare Cybersecurity Contact Point: This contact point is established to provide support to healthcare organizations dealing with cybersecurity issues.

The ENISA standards and resources collectively serve as a valuable asset for healthcare organizations seeking to enhance their cybersecurity posture.

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