The Swiss economy June 2021

Swiss Business pulse June 2021

Swiss Business Pulse Q2 2021

With the 4th Swiss Business Pulse survey, we conclude the first year of our Swiss business research. We would
like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone for contributing by filling out the questionnaire and
providing specific and qualitative comments!

Now that vaccinations are noticeably gaining momentum and sustainable easing has been announced, the
belief in an end to the COVID-19 crisis is growing.
The pandemic is still the biggest challenge for the Swiss economy – but compared to the first 3 cycles, only
25% of managers and decision-makers see it as the most urgent challenge.
Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this trend continues.

This optimism is underlined by the situation regarding future orders, which have increased significantly in all
The consulting industry in particular is seeing a clear upswing – one reason being that not all positions were
filled internally in order to prevent costs from spiralling. Therefore, external support is now needed for the
emerging economic recovery.

In this round, we have placed a special emphasis on the topic of digitalization. What immediately stands out is that Switzerland feels very well positioned. In fact, 2/3 of all respondents believe that they are ahead of the market regarding digitalization! 97% of respondents want to optimize processes, but only 15% want to cut staff to achieve

A clear commitment to using the high-price-island with all its advantages as a business location – but not at the expense of its own employees.
Attracting new customers, enhancing the customer experience, and offering new services are also key issues, with more than 80% of respondents indicating their desires to do so.

It is predicted that investments will be made in the next 12 months. Despite various hurdles with regard to costs or know-how, around 80% are willing to change – a figure that personally I had expected to be much lower.


We will gladly send you the results of our current Swiss Business Pulse study by e-mail.

Swiss Business Pulse Insights Q2 2021

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