Leverage Experts is acting on the frontline of Private Equity and Venture Capital.
Where plans meet reality, performance can differ from forecasts; Leverage Experts is skilled & experienced to derive and put to action strategies, eligible, to turnaround and lift businesses to the next level. This helps to protect investments and create shareholder value.

Leverage Experts references (selection)

Strategy, Corporate Development & Finance, M&A, prepare for exit & PMI – services

  • Start-Up (Greenfield), go-to-market & Scale Up of an out-of-home media company in Germany. The company became market leader in its vertical after 3 years and was sold in a trade sale transaction at a multiple of 12x.
  • Leading the PMI process of a privately  owned and operated company in the field of Custom Publishing, Web and Lead Generation to the acquirer’s corporate culture and standards. Including, but not limited to the implementation of an eligible governance  and an organisational framework, fit for growth, alignment of budgeting, planning and reporting to Group standards (SAP / IFRS).
  • Executing the European expansion strategy of a Dutch, publicly listed out-of-home media company. The company has been merged with the main competitor; the firm is today uncontested market leader in its segment.
  • Consolidation of management support functions (finance, collection, contract management, HR) of a national champion, reaching over 24 offices, to exploit synergies, foster standardisation, minimise legal risk exposure and deploy compliance processes.
  • Development and execution of growth strategy to ramp up an international consulting department for a loyalty & payment services provider (BPO). EBIT targets have been exceeded by 16%.
  • Consolidation of multiple finance teams and implementation of effective & efficient controlling-/planning and project teams.
  • Set Up and Scale Up of digital TV provider (OTT TV), go to market (B2C); exploitation of B2B relationships. A significant share of the company has been acquired by an institutional investor at a multiple of 6x after 18 month.
  • Acquisition of a Hungarian broadcaster for a Swiss telecommunication service provider (M&A buy side). Turning public to private ownership, efficiency increase and successful divestment after 2.5 years
  • Divestment of the Swiss & international media sales group of major Swiss publishing house (M&A sell side), Signing within 4 months in a limited auction process with international bidders (cross border).
  • Turnaround & internationalisation of a trans-European mHealth provider. PE placement. Growth delivery in the region of 5x, valuation leveraged by 9x (invested) after 2.5 years.
  • Divestment of Custom Publishing Segment of major Swiss publishing house (M&A sell side). Sold in three deals. One asset was restructured and integrated into the core business (cross border).
  • Divestment of satellite business of major Swiss telecommunication & IT service provider. Kicked-off as renaturation projects and closed with strategic buyer using an international auction process (cross border).
  • Performed the exit of a mid-cap international SaaS provider in the telecommunications sector, exceeding exit expectations of the family owner.
  • Substantial cost reduction at a media sales group of major Swiss publishing house. Annual cost reduction of CHF 15m (>10%) p.a. over 3 years.
  • Modular pricing concept and contracts & projects efficiency improvements. Defining and implementation of modular pricing and efficiency increase of contracts & projects.
  • Turnaround of Swiss cinema advertising company of a major Swiss publishing house. Turned a CHF 5m loss business to a CHF 1m profit business based on rightsizing and re-negotiation of major client contracts.
  • Wind down and consolidation of digital media company. Renegotiation of supplier contracts and debt of heavy distressed firm. Protecting publicly listed corporate owner from reputation damages and financial impact of IFRS 10 consolidation with high risk for the share price of the corporate owner. Reduction of loss in the region of >40%, reputation and capital market risks successfully voided.
  • Group refinancing of a major Swiss publishing house. CHF 210 Mio secured in difficult market environment in 2009.
  • Group finance strategy of major Swiss publishing house. Defining of group finance strategy and capital allocation implementation.

Strategic IT & Technology

  • Heading the integration of two complementary B2C platforms as crucial part in a Buy and Built Business Case. Led integration into Financial Planning & Analysis, as underlying driver for performance of the business case.
  • Successfully launched and managed business critical white-label (B2B) platform including re-negotiation of contractual obligations, deliverable milestones and established best of breed reporting resulting in a more predictable and reliable payments cycle.
  • Established stability and strategic direction in a changing and unstructured business environment under the rule of uncertainties, by implementing and executing IT strategies in close alignment with business objectives.
  • Spearheading integration of external development partners by cultivating vendor relationships and encourage vendors to adapt agile development methodologies, here through achieving alignment of internal and external R&D processes.
  • Repeating successfully ramped up and scaled up IT platforms on a European as well as on a global scale.
  • Steering requirement and acquisition process for large scale infrastructure and application server projects for automotive, transportation and financial sector including P&L management and customer relationship.
  • Lead market entry to AMERICAS for European based SaaS media company, resulting in closing of a double digit millions long term contract with initial client.