Situations of Rapid Change

“We really don’t have time for values now….”

„Für #Werte haben wir jetzt wirklich keine Zeit….“ by Sandra Happel

Transformation within companies is actually the permanent state nowadays. Digital transformation, cultural transformation, leadership transformation, organisational transformation and so on. Sometimes you get the impression that organisations, management boards and employees are tired of transformation, and have even become a little resistant to it.

In the “normal” business and market environment, most companies still achieve success.

  • But what if the necessary transformation is the last chance for the company’s survival?
  • What if the planned transformation path simply has to succeed?
  • What if external circumstances leave no room for manoeuvre?

At that point, it becomes an enormous feat for most companies, and especially for their boards of management, to set a transformation-fatigued “system” in motion in a sustainable way.

There are hundreds of transformation approaches, all of which are justified and have been successful. But all too often – especially in situations that threaten a company – an essential level is ignored.

The value level!

Values are the cement of human systems, and a company is a human system! Especially in times of crisis, values provide security, motivation, courage, strength, and they produce immense energy in a system.

But all too often we hear:

“We really don’t have time for that right now!”

“We’ll do that later!”

And all too often that is the first mistake.

Especially during challenging transformation periods, a dual transformation programme of structural and value (and personality) related measures is non-negotiable.

The synchronisation of the “hard” organisational transformations with the personal value identities of the employees guarantees successful, future-proof, and sustainable transformation work for the company. (Especially when there is no more room for trial and error.)

There is no time when #values are more relevant than during these #distress times.

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